Get Involved

Your individual and organization’s involvement is critical to bringing this bill to the attention of legislators. We cannot compete with lobbying budgets of the private sector or the influence of political donors. What we do have is a unique set of organizations and individuals that represent the very best of our society with a clear case and opportunity to increase charitable giving. Please join us today and serve as an advocate for H.R. 1337 “Legacy IRA Act”.

In order to be effective, a campaign must be timely and have a consistent message. When you sign up as an advocate, you will receive updates on the legislation and when it is time to reach out to Congress. We also will provide talking points and specific language in support of the bill to generate a consistent and focused message about the advantages of the bill. Please take a moment now and sign up.

Be an advocate for H.R. 1337 “Legacy IRA Act” and help us to pass this important legislation. There are several ways you can volunteer and make a difference. By volunteering just a small amount of time at the right time, your influence can be significant. Below are a number of ways in which you can support this important legislation to benefit non-profits in your district and across the country.

  • Call your Congressman and Senator: Personal contact by constituents with their legislators has the most impact. Calls from significant institutions and charities in their district will quickly get a legislator’s attention and more thorough review of the bill.
  • Set an appointment to visit your local office or if your travel allows, visit your representatives in Washington D.C.: It may be surprising to know that it is relatively easy to set an appointment to visit with a representative’s office and meet with their staff. When making the appointment, make sure you inform them about the issue you want to discuss so they can set your appointment with an appropriate staff member.
  • Get others in your institution and community to make contact as well: If you have a government relations department, be sure to inform them of this initiative and ask how they can become involved. If your organization is part of a local council association, or community group, inform them of how they can assist.
  • Have a donor contact his/her representative: There is nothing more compelling than someone telling how they donated to an organization through the IRA Rollover and what it has meant to them.

The Charitable IRA Initiative wants to develop an inventory of impact statements to demonstrate the real value of the IRA Rollover to organizations, their clients and their donors. Please send your impact statement to and it will be posted on this site.