Mission and Effort

Our Mission
The mission of the Charitable IRA Initiative is to promote philanthropy through the use of personal IRA assets to fund outright and life income gifts by convincing Congress to enact permanent legislation authorizing the transfer of IRAs to charity.

Our Effort
For several years Conrad Teitell and his Rollover Rangers have staged a small but successful effort to keep the IRA Rollover before the Congress on an ongoing basis. Their efforts have provided the motivation for the annual extensions of the 2006 legislation. Earlier in 2015 the group added significant additional professional leadership and took the name “Charitable IRA Initiative.” We are organized as a 501(c) (4) for the purpose of lobbying for the enactment of specific legislation. Our goal is to have the IRA Rollover (now permanent) to apply to both
outright gifts and life income agreements. The involvement of charitable organizations and their donors in promoting broad based support is essential to this effort.